Community Support
Abby Ballinger, Band & Orchestra Teacher, Sierra Middle School
"My philosophy is that music changes lives.  It builds a positive self-esteem, a sense of community, teaches responsibility, gives a sense of belonging, and allows an outlet for "self-expression" and creativity."

Cynthia Berndt, Music Teacher, Timber Trail
“Without music, life is boring!” 

George Boser, Principal, Sedalia 
“I fully support these music programs, and I understand the importance of making these opportunities available for all kids.  All kids have talents and treasures waiting to be developed, and it is great that these programs will allow kids the opportunity to explore their interests, hopes and dreams.”  

Cathy Deneault, Buffalo Ridge General Music Teacher 
"I've seen the kids who learn an instrument become more disciplined in their work habits, as well as having an opportunity to develop a more mature sense of responsibility.  Of equal importance, in my mind, is that the kids get to experience a kind of aesthetic and emotional beauty that isn't offered in a classroom; that performing music is something that can make life feel special and exciting."

Patti Magby, Principal, Legacy Point 
"The administrative staff at Legacy Point values our band and orchestra programs and we are so pleased that we will be able to offer band and orchestra to our intermediate students.  Research has proven that involvement in music improves student's self-esteem, confidence, creative abilities as well as listening and thinking skills.  Even though services will be delivered in a different format, we are confident that our instrumental music program will be stronger than ever.   We are very excited to have such an accomplished group of music educators who will be working with our students."

Kurt Stroman, Orchestra Director, Legend HS 
"The Legend Music Programs are vibrant and strong due to the amazing teachers at Cimarron Middle School and the Legend Elementary Instrumental Music Program!  A strong foundation built through relationships and skilled teachers from the very beginning is what keeps kids interested through high school and beyond!

Former beginning band student 
"Playing an instrument makes me have a lot of responsibility."